McDougall v. Ag Country Farm Credit Services

The Bankruptcy Appellate Panel held that it may not consider on appeal the merits of a matter for which there would not have been jurisdiction in the bankruptcy court and thus the panel did not consider the merits of the McDougalls' (defendants) arguments on appeal. In this case, the McDougalls did not bring a counterclaim or cross-claim and could not challenge a judgment in favor of defendant AgCountry and against debtors. The McDougalls only sought to determine whether they held title to a parcel of land free of AgCountry's lien and did not seek anything from the bankruptcy court on behalf of or from debtors or their estate. Therefore, the panel remanded with instruction to dismiss the claim regarding the validity of AgCountry's lien against the Home Quarter. View "McDougall v. Ag Country Farm Credit Services" on Justia Law

Posted in: Bankruptcy

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