CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp. v. Gas Workers Union

The Eighth Circuit reversed the district court's order vacating an arbitration award reinstating a union member to his former position without back pay after he was discharged by the company. The court held that the arbitrator was at least arguably construing the contract between the parties in making the award. In this case, the arbitrator explained at length why he interpreted the contract to allow for review of the discipline and, even if there was serious error in the analysis, the arbitrator was arguably construing the contract. Furthermore, under the arbitrator's decision, the absolute cause provision established conduct for which the company has an absolute right to impose discipline, even though it did not give the company unfettered authority to select discharge as the appropriate penalty. Accordingly, the court remanded with directions to confirm the arbitration award. View "CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp. v. Gas Workers Union" on Justia Law